How are bully sticks made?

Bully Bunches bully sticks go through a refrigerated facility where they are cleaned and sorted to ensure the highest quality raw material.

The raw bully sticks are trimmed of fat and then cut to drain any retained fluids. They are then washed in a bath of clean water for roughly a few hours to separate out any residues, fluids, etc. that are leftover after the trimming and draining.

After being fully cleaned, the bully sticks are then shaped into the classic straight bully stick, braided bully sticks, or bully stick springs then hung and cooked or dried at 165-195 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure they are free from bacteria and safe for your dog to consume. This cooking process can take 2-3 days!

It is important to vertically hang the bully sticks while baking so that as much moisture can be removed as possible.
Once the bully sticks are done drying they are then cut to 6 or 12 Inch lengths and sorted into thicknesses (grams/stick). Each batch is then tested at an independent lab to ensure quality and that they are free from bacteria. Once cleared they are now ready for pets and pet parents to enjoy!

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