Bully Stick Safety Holder

Our Bully Stick Safety Holder securely holds the last inch of bully sticks, reducing the risk of choking and keeping your pup safe. Its sturdy construction ensures long-term durability and reliability. You can find the product here: https://bullybunches.com/products/bully-stick-safety-holder

Why Use A Holder?
Dogs may get excited and attempt to swallow the last few inches whole. With our holder, dogs will have to chew all the way down to the plastic opening, unable to swallow the end piece. This produces less waste and lengthens chew time!

What is it Made From?
Durable nylon and Heavy Duty Steel. It is BPA-Free and all components are FDA approved.

Does It Come In Multiple Sizes?
No! We designed our holder as a one size fits all solution, meaning you do not need to buy multiple holders for different sized chews. It is very light at only 250g. It is approximately 2"X7" big!

Does It Work With Other Chews?
Yes! Our holder is designed to work with more than just bully sticks. Any stick shaped chew will work within 1.5" diameter will fit. This includes yak chews up to size small and medium.

Is The Bully Stick Holder A Chew Toy?
Our safety holder is not designed to be a toy. We recommend removing the chew and the holder from your dog after it has served its purpose. This will preserve longevity.

Can I Wash The Holder?
The holder is best washed by hand. We recommend holding the holder vertical to avoid water getting inside.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?
If you do not find the holder to securely hold bully sticks with a MEGA hold, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Please note we do not supply a return label for holder returns.

Should I supervise my dog?
Yes, we always recommend supervision when giving your dog a chew regardless if it is in a holder or not. For your dog’s safety, be sure to sufficiently tighten the holder with the chew in it. Bully Bunches is not liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any product purchased.

My Dog is Scared to use It - What do I do?
We recommend working with your dog slowly to desensitize them to it. Desensitization is a behaviour modification technique in which you purposely and gradually expose your pet to a stimulus that has triggered a fear response. The stimulus is always controlled, starting at a very low level, so that your pet does not experience fear or display signs of stress. Over several sessions, you gradually increase the intensity of the stimulus, as long as there is no sign of fear. For example: Start by having it near by and giving them treats. Then move to rewarding them for interacting with it - sniffing, touching, licking etc. Then move to having it near them while chewing on a bully stick. Keep working on these small steps until your pet is comfortable with the holder!

Nov 27, 2023

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