How to earn Bully Bucks

There are many different ways to earn:

  • Signup (Create account) = 250 Bully Bucks
  • Make a purchase = 1-4 Bully Bucks per $1 spent depending on tier
  • Follow on Instagram = 50 Bully Bucks
  • Like on Facebook = 50 Bully Bucks
  • Write a review = 100 Bully Bucks
  • Celebrate a birthday = 500 Bully Bucks
  • Refer a Friend = 1,000 Bully Bucks

NOTE: To gain points these actions must be initiated through our rewards page after you are logged into your account. There will be links to perform the points based actions which will authenticate if the task has been completed and credit you the Bully Bucks.
For more information, visit our rewards page.

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