Rewards Program

  • Can I receive points from past orders?

    Customers who join our loyalty program can be rewarded points from purchases they made in the past 7 days as a guest. To earn points going forward, you must be enrolled in our rewards program and be logged into your account when placing orders.
  • How do I find my Bully Bucks tier?

    1. Log in to your Bully Bunches account. 2. Select the "Rewards" page at the top. 3. Scroll down to the dog houses to see the tiers and which one you are in.
  • How do I use my Bully Bucks?

    When logged into your account click the "Rewards" tab to view your available Bully Bucks. From here you will see various options that your points can be redeemed for: ·500 Bully Bucks = $5 off coupon 1,000 Bully Bucks = $10 off coupon 2,500 Bully Bucks = $25 off coupon 500 Bully Bucks = (1) 12 I...
  • How to earn Bully Bucks

    There are many different ways to earn: Signup (Create account) = 250 Bully Bucks Make a purchase = 1-4 Bully Bucks per $1 spent depending on tier Follow on Instagram = 50 Bully Bucks Like on Facebook = 50 Bully Bucks Write a review = 100 Bully Bucks Celebrate a birthday = 500 Bully Bucks Refer a...
  • I left a review but did not receive my points

    Earning points by leaving a review must be initiated through an email request that we send out 2 days after your order is marked as delivered. A photo must be included to successfully earn the 100 Bully Bucks.
  • My recently earned points are not showing

    When you earn points from placing orders, there is a 7 day holding period before the points are credited into your account. This holding period is used to protect Bully Bunches from users gaming the system by placing multiple orders and immediately cancelling to earn mass amounts of Bully Bucks. ...
  • What are Bully Bucks?

    Bully Bucks are points you earn by placing orders and completing various actions. Points can then be redeemed for discounts or free product. The Bully Bucks reward program contains 4 points based tiers, each with their own perks. The more Bully Bucks in your account, the higher tier you will be. ...