Can I apply a discount to my subscription?

Limited codes will work on subscriptions, while some will not be able to be applied.

Cannot be combined with subscriptions:

  • Non-sale discount codes will not work with subscriptions (Email/SMS codes, sign-up codes, referral and affiliate codes)

Can be combined with subscriptions:

  • Promotional sale codes will work with the first subscription order. All recurring orders cannot have sale discount codes applied. During site-wide sales, the initial subscribe and save discount will adjust so that 20% off your first order will be obtained by applying the sale code at checkout.
  • Bully Bucks rewards codes can be used on a subscription, however if you would like it to apply to an active subscription, please contact us at so we can apply it for you. It must be applied from our end.

Please note two discount codes cannot be combined on a single order.

Sep 20, 2023

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